What is this „Marie-Charleen Wrenger“?

Well… To put it simple – it’s me.
A Media Studies and Practice major in Bayreuth with English as my minor and a great passion for creating things. My focus there lies in games – especially narration and art. But you will find out a lot more about it in a second.
So come with me and you will see a thing or two about the projects that I have done. Hope you enjoy it!


Narration is my main passion. Words and I just get along very well but also only on a very casual level which is great for writing dialogues. Apart from that I deeply enjoy creating characters and stories. I love planning out every little detail even if it might not make it into the game. For me it is still important that the story or the character makes sense and that all the actions are coherent and I know I can achieve that by planning all the details.
And in the end, when everything fits perfectly together like a puzzle, that’s one of the best moments. It’s just extremly satisfying.

Currently I am working on the narration for Untold Stories of Little Glade and I am helping with the narration for Lost Drone.

2D Art

2D Art is my major focus after narration. I am always trying out new art styles in order to become a lot more versatile and so that I can easily adapt to the art style of a studio.

3D Art

The University of Bayreuth taught us the basics of 3D modeling in Maya but a long time has passed since then. Which is why I started to get back into 3D modeling with Blender during a Game Jam in early 2020 and due to many great tutorials, I learned a lot of useful information – and on top of that, I maganed to create some good models.

What you can see here, is everything I learned in a short amount of time – so stay tuned to see what I will do with more time!

Current Project
Untold Stories of Little Glade

Currently I am working on my bachelor project which for now is called Untold Stories of Little Glade and it’s like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon – a cute little farming simulator where you can fall in love. But we also embrace the dark side. You can harvest drugs, get invested in dark back stories and you can steal. It’s all up to you what you do with your life. We’re not forcing you to do anything… but we’re also not holding you back.

My role is the product owner, narration designer and 2D character artist.


Shattered is a 3D horrorgame on which my friends and I worked on for one of our university classes. It is about a young woman ending her life and waking up in a world between life and death. This world was based on the buddhist wheel of life. Each level represented one stage of the wheel. In this world the player encountered different problems – each belonging to a struggle she faced in real life with a fitting counterplayer. The players purpose was to understand who the protagonist is and deciding how she is changing – which ultimately decides on her fate whether she makes it out alive or not.

I was the narrative designer and responsible for the voice acting.

More games coming soon!

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